Film Director / Creative Director

Whether directing a small candid crew, or a complex 18 multi-camera shoot in a stadium, Thomas will make sure to capture the small emotions that matter. Schooled by directing and editing of 100+ hours or reality television, he developed a sixth sense for creative concepts that will truly deliver. His signature is to give seemingly ordinary stories an epic touch. He gets fired up when productions get big and tough and brings out the best of those he collaborates with. What makes him tick: “The moment I get goosebumps during a shoot, that’s my only measure for success”.

The cake of the century

Together with Being There we’ve created this fun, heartening movie to celebrate the 100th birthday of Dr. Oetker. With the input of 5,000 Dutch people, three 100-year-olds, an incredible amount of baking powder and patience, we designed a cake that takes into account the taste of the Netherlands as much as possible: the cake of the century.

case: Cake of the Century
client: Dr. Oetker / Being There


What is it really about?

The reveal of the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest is the first glimpse of what people can expect from the host country. So it needs to be more than a simple reveal. The brief was to present the Netherlands to the rest of the world as a free, openminded and welcoming country. In a fresh and modern way. A video that would create a sense of pride within the Netherlands. And make everyone outside of the Netherlands more than welcome to join Eurovision 2020.

case: City Reveal
client: EBU / NPO / AVROTROS



As in previous years we’ve provided the television registration and the social content for De Vrienden van Amstel Live! concerts. We have been working closely with Tribe Company and Amstel Bier for a number of years now. The typical Fast Forward result is a cinematic recording that captured the soul of the event.

case: Vrienden Van Amstel LIVE! 2020
client: Amstel Bier / Tribe Company

Dr. Oetker Taart van de Eeuw

De taart van de eeuw

Social Content - DR. OETKER

Een vriend voor het leven, voor even

Television Commercial - Stichting Oopoeh

Rogier Smit maakt een selfie


Social Content - Post-NL

Studenten Bonus Battle

Social Content - Albert Heijn


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