Thomas Melgers

Film Director / Creative Director

Whether directing a small candid crew, or a complex 18 multi-camera shoot in a stadium, Thomas will make sure to capture the small emotions that matter. Schooled by directing and editing of 100+ hours or reality television, he developed a sixth sense for creative concepts that will truly deliver. His signature is to give seemingly ordinary stories an epic touch. He gets fired up when productions get big and tough and brings out the best of those he collaborates with. What makes him tick: “The moment I get goosebumps during a shoot, that’s my only measure for success”.







Tim Toorman

Film Director / Creative Director

Tim is FFWD’s camera-nomad, travelling the globe in search for untold stories that deserve an audience. With a background in editing he knows how to get to the core of a story fast and smart. His trademark is to capture people off-guard, exactly as they are, without making any compromises on his esthetical style: with a passion for the latest tech in film and photography his work always has a fresh, innovative feel. Coming up with new concepts, is his favorite pastime and he thrives in run and gun documentary style productions. In the end, Tim believes that the true art is created before the DOP hits record: “Getting people at ease, creating the right energy and the openness to truly connect, that’s the essence of my work.”

Joel Amahorseija

Film Director

Joël started out as a motion graphic designer with a razor-sharp eye for visual detail. In his role as director, this quality translates into work that is characterized by a high level of craft and style. Technically, Joël is continuously pushing boundaries and brings a real prime-mover mindset to a job. He aims always for visual perfection, resulting in films with an outspoken, artistic feel. But he never forgets to keep it functional: “I strive for cutting edge images and stunning edits, but I will always make sure they serve the story we’re telling.”





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Thomas Melgers